“Bhagwan  kaise  kisiko  itna  khubsurat  bana  sakta  hai !!  Tumhe pta hai jb tum bolte bolte baar baar latt apne kaano pr rakhti ho to kitni pyari lagti ho? Jab tum kajal lagake aati ho to kitni pyari lagti ho? Jab tum gusse me hoti ho to kitni pyari lagti ho ?? Jab tum apne haath k sahare nall k neeche pani pani piti ho to kitni pyari lagti ho ?? Na !! tumhe nahi pata !! Magar mujhe pata hai !   “ Don’t know how ..…and when I started loving you…. I meet you everyday …..we are now in relationship…..still I can’t even express what  I always wanted to tell you. Sometimes I feel I am not the right guy for you …..sometimes I feel I cannot keep you happy and I should make a distance but, its then I realize that your happiness lies in being with me . I always wanted a partner like you who can understand me and can stand beside me holding my hand in all the up and down’s of life.  It may be possible that sometime I will make you cry and at that moment just remember one thing that I too will be crying. For now all I can say is ” Having you in my life is one of the best thing I ever had! ” 



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