Care For Your Girl

Girls have good memories, and you can count on them remembering almost all the . important details about you or the relationship milestones. It will surely make your girl very happy if you are the one who remembers first. Not just important dates to remember but, even just the little things she said. Like if you remembered her favorite things and surprise her with those stuff every once in a while. It feels good when you remember about what she said, it will make her feel that you really care about her and the things she share with you. Receiving little compliments too no matter how silly it is, like saying you like way she smile or that you appreciate her means the world to her. Really, love is an accumulation of the little things!

Yes actions do speak louder than words, but words hold power on their own too. Especially if you are the type who seldom says it to your significant other, chances are hearing those words from you will really send them to 7th heaven. A simple “I love you”, even through a text message, or a whisper by the ear as you kiss her goodnight, means the world to her. She don’t really say it, but sometimes she want to feel assured of your feelings for her.Never let the flames of love die out. And also, practice this mantra: leave no tender words unsaid. If you feel it in your heart to say tender feelings, say it while you can!




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